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Congratulations! You have found the place to be to create a never-to-forget Hawaii experience. 

Your Guide to Hawaii Paradise is a 17-page document with more than 127 tips, links and information on each of the 6 largest Hawaiian Islands. 

It will guide you towards the really important and worthy-to-watch attractions and must-do activities. 

My goal is to show you Hawaii as it ought to be seen. As the land with unique plants and animals. As the land with a rich culture and melodic language. As the land with out-of-this-world landscapes.

Not as the land with white sugary beaches, no cloud in the sky, picture-perfect paradise.

My goal is to show you Hawaii as the paradise it is meant to be, not as it is described by humans. 

I want you to see Hawaii realistically. And I want you to see the most important and beautiful things. Things others don't see because they don't know they exist.

Hey, I'm Daniela!

I'm fascinated by our precious earth. That is why I now study Earth Sciences (even though I already have a B.A. in Business Administration). And I am loving it! My other interests include languages, culture, sciences and psychology! To combine all of these, I started my website EarthyMe and my passion project EarthyUniversity. The latter is a platform on which I will share my knowledge and my passion about selected travel destinations with you in the form of video online classes. My goal is to make you see your travel destination in a new light, help you learn more about the country, the landscapes and nature, the culture and language. By this, I hope to contribute to more respectful and sustainable travels, to protect our diverse human cultures, our plants, our animals - in short: our living and breathing planet. By the way: I'm deeply fascinated by Hawaii! When I was 20 years old, I made my dream come true: I travelled to Hawaii and stayed there for 4 amazing weeks. I hope to inspire you with my work and hope you follow along! Love, Daniela

Daniela Dägele

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